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modern WEDDING dj

Most wedding DJ's can conjure up images of the hokey-pokey, hula-hoops on the dance floor, and a guy in a music note vest singing along with the song in the microphone.  Rest assured CB Entertainment wouldn't make a spectacle of your beautiful day.  I specialize in creating unique, elegant and most of all fun wedding receptions.

    "You only do this once and selecting the right entertainment is an investment into your wedding’s success." 

As a Modern DJ, I do more than play music, I keep the party going! I am a combination of party host, coordinator, production manager, and musical expert which means I will be making announcements, cueing your photographer, and working with the venue staff to establish a smooth flow to the reception, all while timing the music perfectly. From the first notes of the bridal chorus through the last verse of your farewell song, we'll work together to create the soundtrack of your wedding day.  All you'll have left to do is relax and have the time of your life.

Ceremony - Microphone and Music

The most important moment of this day is when you say "I do."  CB Entertainment can provide a microphone for your officiant so your ceremony can be heard by your guests attending the wedding ceremony. 


Ceremony music can be viewed in four parts:

  • Prelude: Sets the ambiance as guests arrive and are seated. (10-15 songs)

  • Processional: Accompanies the entrance of your Family, Bridal Party and the Bride. (2-3 songs)

  • Interlude (optional): Music to accompany significant moments within the ceremony when the minister is not speaking: unity ceremony- candle, sand, hand fasting, etc. (1-2 songs)

  • Recessional: Plays at the conclusion of your ceremony as you exit as Mr. and Mrs. (1 song)

Whether your vision includes the classical strings of Pachelbel's Canon in D, of the contemporary sounds of your favorite artist, your selections will forever be a part of the memory of your wedding day. CB Entertainment recommends picking songs that are meaningful to you and/or reflects your unique personality. 

Wedding Reception DJ and MC

When you think of your wedding reception what do you envision? Chances are you see a room filled with friends and family smiling, laughing and dancing the night away in celebration of your marriage. Your wedding can be as detailed or as simple as you want it to be . If you want to give a general direction and let us do the rest, that’s fine. Perhaps you’d like a special introduction, or maybe you’d like to pre-record a personal message/video to be played while you dance with your father or mother. Do you have guests from other countries that would like to dance to something traditional? An alternative to the bouquet toss? Lots of possibilities! Maybe none of the above, that’s o.k. too. Listening to you is very important. We want to understand what you see for your wedding and be able to provide that for you.


"Great weddings don't just magically happen...they are the result of you hiring the right professionals that will plan, prepare and execute your ideas and visions while giving you proper guidance." 



Something you might not have thought about are all the formal parts of your wedding reception before you get to the dance floor.  As your MC and Event Host we will lead the way and guide you through the coordination of formalities and special moments in the reception like your introductions, grand entrance, first dances, toasts and speeches, cake cutting all leading up to your dance time.  Our well-timed announcements keep your guest informed and engaged in anticipation of the next activity planned for your reception. We’ll make sure that there are no awkward “what-do-we-do next” moments.

When it is time to open the dance floor and start the party your guests will be glad you hired a wedding DJ with years of club experience.  This means your DJ is a professional at mixing your music selections, reading the crowd's energy and reactions to songs, and knowing what music to play  for guest of all ages and musical preferences.

CB Entertainment wants you to have the best wedding you can imagine.  

Be different... Think bigger... Expect more... You deserve it!

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