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Congratulations on booking CB Entertainment as your DJ.  Please proceed to the VIP Access portal to add details to your wedding planning.

The VIP Access portal can be used by clients at home, work, or out of town...anytime (24/7) to add important event details, create and update timelines, and setup a request list of your favorite songs.  We believe in the personalization of the entertainment for your celebration and we want to hear your ideas so we can help make your event as unique as you are.  Whether you want to stick to the classics or break tradition and do things your own way, our online planning tools are here to capture those details.


The Guest Request website allows guests of your upcoming events to submit requests and song suggestions online.  The Guest Request tool will take requests from an unlimited number of guests, allowing them to each make the number of requests you specify.  The result is one master request list with all of the requests merged together and tallied.  Each user can only remove their own requests and are unable to tamper with another guest's requests.

Not a VIP yet?

Click here for more info

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