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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where are you located and where will you travel to?
    We are based in Dallas area, but we love to travel! Give us a call for events outside of DFW and we'll create a custom quote for you including travel!
  • Do you carry liability insurance?
    Yes. We carry liability insurance policy which will allow us to perform at any venue. If your venue requires a copy of our insurance we will be happy to send it over to them.
  • What’s included in the DJ price?
    Each wedding that we DJ is unique, but we have put together some discount packages of our most popular services to save you money and time. Please, no substitutions. If you would like to add additional services to a package, ask about our build your own quote option.
  • Are DJs priced by the hour?
    Our packages have a default amount of "play" time that begins and ends at scheduled start and stop times. Additional time must be scheduled prior to the event date and is added at an hourly overtime rate charged in 30 minute increments. The clock continues to countdown even if our DJ is idle due to other scheduled acts, room flips, loss of power, weather delays or any other cause not created by the DJ.
  • Is there any tax or additional service fee charged?
    Tax is already included in the event price, there are no additional service charges on any of our services.
  • Are there any travel fees?
    There are travel fees for venues outside of a 50 miles radius from downtown Dallas. The quote builder on our website has a built in mileage calculator that calculates the direct "line of sight" distance using the venue zip code. As such, this is not an exact mileage calculation from our office to the venue location, it is an estimated mileage calculation since actual mileage will vary based on route driven. Venues over 100 miles from downtown Dallas will have the .50 cents/mile round trip fee, and may be subject to a $120 overnight hotel fee.
  • What is your deposit fee?
    Our deposit fee varies per package but starts at $300. This payment is applied towards your total balance. The remaining balance is due 15 days prior to your event date.
  • Do you offer payment plans?
    Yes, If you would like to make smaller payments along the way instead of having a large balance due right before to your event date, you can absolutely do that! Simply contact our office (phone, text, or email) and let us know you would like to schedule smaller payments and we will send an electronic invoice.
  • What if something happens to my DJ?
    This is a common fear of nervous clients but thankfully it has never happened in the 20 years we have been operating. We encourage our DJs to prep all gear the night before and to limit any other activities on a wedding day so that they can arrive 2-3 hours before the scheduled start time. But if an emergency arises and your DJ knows he/she will be unavailable for your event we have on-call DJs available every weekend that can fill in. This is another reason we use online planning forms to gather your wedding details. In the event that your DJ cannot make the event all planning information will be emailed to the on-call DJ. Of course we dont want any of this to be necessary so we employ reliable and dedicated DJs and have refund policies in place to cover our clients if this happens.
  • Do we get to meet with our DJ ahead of time?
    Yes! You will have a minimum of 4 planning meetings as follows: 1) Your DJ will schedule an 'introduction' meeting within the first two weeks booking our services to go over your general wedding details and help you get started with the online planning tools. 2) A 'collaboration' meeting will be scheduled between 60-90 days prior to your event date to discuss your ideas for your wedding celebration and add music to your request list. 3) A 'review' meeting will be scheduled 30-45 days prior to the event date to review the online planning forms, begin building the reception timeline, and identify any additional details that need attention. 4) The 'finalization' meeting occurs 10-15 days before your event date to make sure all pending details or adjustments have been finalized. If you have booked with us more than 6 months prior to your wedding date, we will schedule the introduction meeting as normal and then occasionally reach out to keep in touch until it is time to schedule the collaboration meeting. Feel free to contact the office if you need additional attention.
  • Does the DJ act as an MC (Master of Ceremonies) as well?
    Absolutely! All of our DJs make announcements and keep the reception itenerary running smoothly.
  • What do your DJs wear?
    Unless otherwise specified by the client, the DJs will typically wear suit or a black shirt and pants.
  • How much set up time needed?
    Set up time depends on the services requested, but typically no more than 1-2 hours. But don't worry, you don't have to pay for this time so if we need to come early to setup for larger or more complicated events that is on us. We come early enough to allow plenty of time to set up, do a sound check to make sure everything is working perfectly, and clean up before guests arrive. **Please inform the office and DJ prior to the event date if we must setup in less than an hour, additional staff may be required to accomodate this request. ​
  • What do we and/or the facility need to provide for you?
    A covered 6ft banquet table and access to one dedicated 20 amp circuit are all that we need. If the table for the DJ can be placed close to the dance floor that would be even better.​
  • I didn't see a song on your list, are you still able to play it?
    Our DJs strive to have all songs requested in your online planning tools. If we do not have a particular song that you have requested, we will obtain it for you at no additional charge. If you are requesting a song that is only found through a streaming service (Youtube, Spotify, etc) we ask that you provide a link or the actual .MP3 copy of the song to your DJ prior to your event. In the event that a particular song cannot be aquired your DJ will inform you in your finalization meeting so that an alternate song may be selected.
  • Do you require vendor meals?
    No. We do not require vendor meals, however, the DJ is always grateful if you decide to provide one!
  • Do we tip the DJ?
    Gratuity for the DJ is not required, but is always appreciated! The usual tip range is 10-20%.
  • Do you take requests from guests?
    That depends on our client. If our clients are ok with us taking requests from guests then we will, but we still use our professional judgement to decide if and when we play the request. If our clients do not want us taking requests that is fine too, we will politely let the guest know that we are not taking requests at this event.
  • Can we requests certain songs and lyrics NOT be played?
    Absolutely! We strive to play only clean, family friendly radio edits of songs at all of our weddings. Please discuss with your DJ and or document in the planning forms any music genres that you do not want played (Rap, Country, EDM music, etc) In the planning forms there is also a “do not play” section that can be used to specify certain songs NOT to be played.
  • Can I add or remove services after booking?
    Yes and No. We have put together packages of our most popular services and discounted the price to save you money and time. We do not allow substitutions of services within our packages but service upgrades and additional services may be added. Additional deposit money may be needed if upgrading packages.
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