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Frequently asked questions...

Where are you located and where will you travel to?
We are based in Dallas area, but we love to travel!  Give us a call for events outside of DFW and we'll create a custom quote for you including travel!

Do you carry liability insurance?
Yes.  We carry the industry standard liability insurance policy which will allow us to perform at any venue.  If your venue requires a certificate of additional insured, let us know.

What’s included in the DJ price?
The DJ price includes up to 4 hours of service, the DJ’s sound system, wireless microphone for speeches, access to our online planning forms and at least 3 planning meetings with your DJ.


Are DJs priced by the hour?
We have a flat rate which covers up to 4 hours of playing music. Overtime is charged per half hour for any additional time needed beyond the first 4 hours, this will be calculated in your original quote or you can add additional time later during the planning process if needed.


Is there tax or any additional service charges?
Tax is already included in the event price, there are no additional service charges on any of our services.

Are there any travel fees?
There are travel fees for venues outside of a 50 mile radius from downtown Dallas. We chose to use the address for Reunion Tower (300 Reunion Blvd E, Dallas, TX 75207) as our starting point because it is a centrally located landmark in Dallas (plus, it looks like a dropped location pin).  The mileage calculator calculates the direct "line of sight" distance from the center of your Zip code to the center of the venue Zip code. As such, this is not an exact mileage calculation from our office to the venue location, it is an estimated mileage calculation since actual mileage will vary based on route driven.

  • Any venue over 100 miles from downtown Dallas will have the .50 cents/mile round trip fee, as well as a $120 hotel fee.


What is your booking fee?
Our booking fee is a  non-refundable $300 payment that goes towards your final balance. The remaining balance is due 15 days prior to your event date.


Do you offer payment plans?
If you would like to make smaller payments along the way to your event date, you can absolutely do that! Simply email our office at letting us know the payment amount you would like to apply to your balance and we will send an electronic invoice.


What happens if my DJ can’t make it to the event?
This is a common fear of nervous clients but thankfully it has never happened in the 20 years we have been operating due to our detailed preparation.  But if an emergency arises and your  DJ is unavailable for your event we have an on-call DJs available every weekend.


Do we get a meeting with our selected DJ?
Yes! You will have a minimum of 3 planning meetings with your selected DJ plus we are accessible by email and text. Typically there is an 'introduction' meeting when you book our services to go over the general event information and help you get started with the online planning tools. A 'details' meeting, about 4-6 weeks prior to your event date, is where we review and complete the online planning forms and identify any details that have not been decided upon. The 'final' planning meeting 2-3 weeks before your event is to make sure any pending details and timeline have been finalized.  If you have booked with us and your event is more than 6 months away we will reach out more frequently just to keep in touch.


Does the DJ act as an MC (Master of Ceremonies) as well?
Absolutely! All of our DJs are trained to be an excellent DJ and also a great MC.


What do your DJs wear?
Unless otherwise specified with the client, the DJs will typically wear suit.


What is the usual set up time needed?
Set up time depends on the services we are providing but is usually no more than 2-3 hours. But don't worry, you don't have to pay for this time.  This gives us plenty of time to do our set up, sound check and make sure everything is in perfect working condition and make any adjustments before guest arrival. In a pinch we can be setup in less than an hour. 

Are you willing to play songs that are not in your collection? If so, will you obtain the songs or must we provide them?
Our DJs will play any songs that you would like at your event. They each have an extensive library, but if they do not have a song that you have requested, they will obtain it for you at no additional charge.


Do you require vendor meals?
No. We do not require vendor meals, however, the DJ is always grateful if you decide to provide it!


Is DJ tip included?
DJ tip is not included in their price and is not required, but is appreciated!


Will you honor requests of songs that must not be played?
Absolutely! In the planning forms there is a “do not play” section that the client has final say over.


What do we and/or the facility need to provide for you?
The facility will need to provide one dedicated 20 amp circuit and one covered 6ft banquet table.

Do I have to decided what lighting I want when I book the DJ, or can I add this later?
You can add or remove any additional services during the planning process.

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