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Create a beautiful atmosphere by adding colors to your walls.  We can match just about any color of your choice.  You can choose a single color accent, or have the room slowly fade through various colors by selecting our color-changing option (perfect for keeping the mood lively).



Display your custom Monogram on the Dance Floor or Wall.  We can match the same design to your Invitations or create a custom design for you.  Add a personalized touch to your dance floor.



CB Entertainment not only sounds great, but the presentation of our DJ Booths is modern and stylish as well. We offer a Black table-top facade, White Leather Booth, Glow Booth, and **New: - LOGO Booth (Customizable text on the front of our DJ booth, can be backlit from behind)



Two HD Displays mounted on our LED lit trusses.  Can be used for any visual display needs including: Photo Slideshow (Family Photos, Engagement Photos, Corporate Event Photos), Ambient Video, Corporate Sponsor Logos, Music Videos, Full Color Monograms



Make your dance floor a focal point and add energy to your party with Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting.  Our lights don't just blink on and off like other DJ lights, we control the color, pattern, and movement of the lights by creating various lighting scenes customized to your event.   We can make your dance floor match your uplighting colors or choose a contrasting color to create a “dance floor warmer” as guests are arriving. Need a spot light for a special moment? Our dance floor lights are perfect for that.


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