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Make your dance floor the place to be and add energy to your party with the Basic Color Wash package. These basic dance floor lights are color wash lights which change colors to the beat of the music.  They are bright and will fill your dance floor with color.


Our Rockstar package offers two (2) moving head lights that offer a variety of customized scenes because we can control the color, pattern and movement of the lights.  These action packed lights are used for adding large colorful beams of light onto the dance floor during dancing times of course, but they also offer us the ability to use them throughout the reception.  Need a spot light for a grand entrance, first dance or speech? Want a colorful pattern rotating around your dance floor when guests are arriving creating anticipation of the fun that is come later during the party? Our Rockstar lights are perfect for that.

**Upgrade the Rockstar package to our Ultimate package and get four (4) moving head lights set on top of illuminated truss columns to create a concert-like light show on your dance floor. See photos below:

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